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the banking industry

In the 2000s, consumers paid a trillion dollars in credit card interest to banks. And that’s in the USA alone. For centuries, matching savers with borrowers as middleman was a gold mine for banks, at the expense of real economy. However, things are different today. Technology allowed for supplanting costly middlemen by marketplaces. Thanks to technology eBay and Amazon managed to disintermediate retail and AirBnB revolutionized room rentals. The same logic can apply to finance and free up enormous potential of growth and prosperity.

GetLine Protocol

GetLine is an open source Ethereum blockchain P2P lending protocol, allowing for trustworthy, yet trustless credit scoring, effortless lending and accessible borrowing. It will empower people all over the world to be part of a single financial system built up on Ethereum blockchain. Join the revolution, our ICO is coming soon!

The market

P2P lending marketplaces is exploding. This is already $200bn market, and it is projected to grow exponentially at the expected annual rate of 51%. This booming market can accelerate even more. GetLine has the potential to disintermediate the P2P lending process and directly connect individuals around the world with investors seeking decent yield.

GetLine’s competitive advantage

Although currently booming, P2P lending marketplaces cannot scale worldwide. The blockchain technology however makes it possible to move value around the world freely and without borders. GetLine aims to close the technology gap and allow for borderless P2P lending and one single world lending market.

Our solution

GetLine will allow people all over the world to be part of a single financial system, in three simple steps:

  1. Borrowers apply for a credit score to risk scoring institution. The institution calculates their default risk and transfers it to the blockchain.
  2. After that borrowers can apply for a loan in the Ethereum. Lenders bid for lowest interest rates, taking into account the default risk and credibility of the credit scoring institution – the institution’s past performance in accurately determining borrowers’ creditworthiness is readily visible and transparently scored.
  3. After bidding borrowers get a loan. Default on repayment gives lender(s) the right to sue borrowers in an off-chain court of law.

The protocol is designed to support multitude of different clients’ ecosystems, risk assessment mechanisms, and last mile suppliers. This allows to service and provide loan products to any person with credit rating in a painless and digital way.

Credit scoring
Origination mechanisms

Shared, decentralized infrastructure.


Our team

Kacper CEO

In bitcoin since 2011, Technology Evangelist in Fintech Poland. Experience: Physics.

Olaf TomalkaCTO

Olaf is a developer by passion. Currently a co-founder and a CTO of Boson, where he is building digital identities on blockchain. He has worked in companies such as Microsoft and Intel, and is working with Getline to provide Ethereum expertize and smart-contracts.

  • Katarzyna Reda


    Katarzyna Reda has expertise in sales and marketing. In the past 5 years, she worked with multinational corporates such as EY and Turner Broadcasting System. In TBS she was responsible for sales and marketing of television channels such as CNN International and Cartoon Network.

  • Diana Koziarska


    CEO of ReaktorWarsaw, organization helping startups by leading a coworking space, mentoring sessions and organising monthly OpenReaktor meetings. Co-founder of preacceleration programme ReaktorX. Ambassador of Startup Poland. Curator of Warsaw Startup Digest. Physicist.

  • Michał Sas


    He has achieved a master degree at the University of Warsaw Law and Administration Faculty and also studied Construction at the Warsaw Military Academy. Michał has more than 5 years experience in practicing law, gathered in the Polish and international law firms. Recently he continues to work in start-up and financial regulation area (earlier Triolegal Snażyk Granicki Law Firm, now Kulicki & Młynarczyk Law Firm), he is also an expert of The New Technology Law Center at the University of Warsaw and a member of Fintech Poland Foundation.

  • Przemysław Kowalczyk


    Przemek is responsible for creating a stable token economy and risk assessment system. Previously he has advised and managed several NGOs. BSc in physics at the University of Warsaw and currently is pursuing MSc in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. His main research topics are economic analysis of law, econophysics and machine learning.

  • Piotr Olejniczak

    JavaScript Developer

    Currently a JavaScript full-stack developer, interested in crypto-currency applications. Experience: web applications development and SAP ERP systems. Background: particle physics and computer science.

  • Szymon Sypniewicz


    Szymon Sypniewicz is an advisor to GetLine on core blockchain governance issues. He previously worked for leading law firms and is now working in a private intelligence agency as Research Director. He is currently writing his Master's dissertation on blockchain technologies at the Law Faculty of the University of Warsaw, Poland and has just accomplished the International Trade programme in Antwerp, Belgium. Szymon's primary research focus is economic analysis of law. He is passionate about polycentric law in crypto-space. Szymon co-founded and managed several NGOs.


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