P2P decentralized

lending platform

We offer credit scoring, crowdsourced loans & investing opportunities for people around the world

What is Getline?

New network possibilities

We offer credit scoring, crowdfunded loans, investing opportunities for people around the world.

We are buidling network of Attestors of Risk Assessment (ARA), who will be able to give accurate risk analysis for the chances of borrower defaulting on a loan.

Borrowers from

almost anywhere

will be able to use our platform to attain a loan (in cryptocurrency or fiat)

Build a credit score, using our GET tokens as a collateral. Investors can choose from loan requests on our platform, view the profiles associated with them, and bit for the lowest interest rate.

We use Ethereum

Smart Contracts

to handle the loan process.

At this time, all loans must be paid back in a single repayment during the payback period.


Although these are not “our” services (per say), as they are part of peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, they are what will be available on the GetLine Network.

Get a loan

Through the GetLine Network, almost anyone can get a loan, even potentially if they have a previously bad credit score. Everyone is required to be responsible and have skin in the game.


Get and build up

your credit score

As you repay your loans, and gain back your collecteral, you will be building a better credit score that can be seen and recognized on the blockchain and off of the blockchain.

Don’t have a credit score? No problem, our platform will assist you in gaining one.

Gain a legal identity

We use trusted blockchain-based identifications services, such as Boson, to give recognized identities to those who have none.

This enables even a person with no previous ID to eventually apply for a loan on our platform.

Become An Attester

of Risk Assessment (ARA)

If you’re an existing credit scoring agent, you can join our platform and offer your services here as one of our ARAs, providing evaluation of borrowers’ creditworthiness (effectively forming a prediction market)

Become a supporter

Join our network, browse loan requests and profiles or borrowers, as well as the past accuracy metascore of the Attestor of Risk Assessment (who has verified particular loan request), and bid for the lowest interest rate.

Invest in loans you comfortable with.


  • August 2017

    Lunch on Testnet

  • Q1 2018

    Next version

  • Q2 2018

    See whitepaper

  • Q3 2018

    See whitepaper

Early 2019 See whitepaper


Our team


Our advisors


Frequently asked questions

  • Are You Going To Open A Bank?

    No. Banks take clients’ money in custody and use it to generate profits. GetLine will never be in possession of your crypto assets. Thanks to Smart Contracts’ immutability, the loan capital will never be in any other hands other than lenders and borrowers. Also, as GetLine does not have to cope with the lending risk, the risk premium goes directly to the lenders.

  • What Are GET Tokens’ Purposes?

    See Chapter 8 of our whitepaper.

    1. Loans’ collateralization
    2. ARAs’ reserve
    3. Network Trust Fee
    4. Preventing fraud in a P2P decentralized lending environment
  • How Is Your Product Different/Better From Already Established Platforms Like Lending Club Or BitBond?

    The exact differences are specified in our whitepaper in chapter 6, “Competition”. In short, the benefits of GetLine over the Lending Club include:

    1. safer lending - smart contracts are immutable, parties know exactly the rules of each contract
    2. borderless nature
    3. a robust & competitive credit risk assessment market
    4. no costs of keeping financial assets

    Benefits of GetLine over BitBond include:

    1. safer lending - smart contracts are immutable, parties know exactly the rules of each contract
    2. a robust & competitive credit risk assessment market
  • What Problem Is GetLine Solving?

    GetLine bridges the gap between lenders and borrowers from different social networks, and lowers the risk of defaulting on a loan within these classes. GetLine also provides all of the tools needed for individuals to easily apply for loans as borrowers, and to browse and fund loans as lenders.

  • What Are Attesters of Risk Assessment (ARAs)?

    Our credit risk scoring network is made up of entities providing risk-evaluation of borrowers’ creditworthiness, effectively creating a prediction market. Each ARA being a legally compliant agent, ensures the feasibility of a legal lending contract on the basis of jurisdiction.

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